Get involved with your vibrant doctoral community

Welcome to your doctoral researcher community space Рsocial space for communication, conversation and information.  Here are some ways in which you can get involved and meet your fellow researchers.

PGR Forums

The PGR Faculty Forums are centrally run by doctoral students that enables discussion, evaluation and feedback on the postgraduate experience at the Univeristy of Sheffield.

PGR Societies/Committee

Have a browse through some of the Societies on offer. We welcome our doctoral researcher community to go along and participate or even create new societies in consultation with their department.

Reading Groups

Reading groups are regularly formed in response to the specific research interests and needs of both staff and postgraduate students.


Represent Your Research: Resources for enterprising PGRs

READ MORE As you progress through your academic career as a PGR student and member of the Doctoral Academy you may be wondering about the best ways to promote your research and make the most of your time at the University of Sheffield. Represent Your Research is all about providing some resources to PGRs who want to proactively manage their futures and ensure high-impact research within and outside of the academic community.

Doctoral Academy Cafe Hour

PGCafeThe PGR cafe and cake event enables researchers to meet each other and discuss their research in an informal space. These events are held every month and are advertised by email as well as via Facebook and Twitter.

Cafe Scientifique Public Engagement Event –

Nutrition – fashion, fad or medicine?

Cafe Scientifique teamed up with the Doctoral Academy with the support of the Public Engagement and Impact Team in Research & Innovation Services. They offered the opportunity to doctoral researchers to present research to members of the public in a friendly and informal setting. Presentations were in the five-minute presentation style: a quick, five-minute presentation with PowerPoint slides, where speakers were limited to five slides in total.

Thank you! ‘Nutrition’ for the mind!
Thorougly enjoyed the experience!
Thanks for a lovely night! very interesting topic!
Really interesting and a great way to spend an evening! Can’t wait for the next event!
This was so much fun! Finally I got to talk about all the stuff that just was not in the word count for my articles.