Role of the Doctoral Academy Interns

Our role as interns is primarily to promote the Doctoral Academy and encourage the sense of community among PGRs. We are running various events throughout the year, including PGR coffee mornings. Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any ideas on the sort of thing you would like to see or if you would like to blog for us.

Doctoral Academy Intern – Ffion

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I am a third year PhD researcher at the School of Health and Related Research. Looking at knowledge sharing, collaboration and communication in relation to healthcare teamwork. I like to describe myself as an interdisciplinary scholar both professionally and academically, and my particular areas of interest include interdisciplinary research, learning and teaching, knowledge sharing patterns and behaviour, teamwork, evidence based practice, mixed methods research, multimodal approaches in research and teaching, systematic reviews, public engagement, Active learning and research for impact.

Doctoral Academy Intern – Tareq

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I am a final year Astrobiology PhD researcher at the department of Molecular Biology & Biotechnology. I investigate microbes living within the Earth’s stratosphere. Since my research demanded that I look for microbial life above twenty kilometers up in the air, I had to find ways to keep me grounded to the realities of academic life on the ground! I achieved this by wearing many hats while at the University, from helping new international postgraduates to settle in while I was with the International office team, keeping in touch with alumni while working with Alumni Relations, managing public engagement and outreach events, and organising development programs for researchers.