Get engaged

If you’d like to get engaged with the doctoral researcher community at the University of Sheffield, we’d like to invite guest bloggers to submit 300-500 word blog pieces to the Doctoral Academy Virtual Community blog. It can be about any topic related to doctoral student life and research, and will be posted on the Doctoral Academy Portal.

Blog for us

Just send a topic and/or completed blog to the Doctoral Academy email. All posts are subject to approval and must be respectful and relevant. Blogs on specific areas of research are subject to approval from your supervisor and may not be included for due to rules regarding research data ownership and usage. Blogging is an easy and important way of networking with others and letting everyone know what your doctoral work is all about. So if you’re interested in guest blogging, let us know! We’d love to hear from you! If you have any questions about blogging or are unsure how to get started, just send us an email and we’ll help you out!

Expand your CV

This is a great way to get involved in the doctoral research community, expand your CV, and work on your writing and public engagement skills. The Doctoral Academy Virtual Community is a space devoted to building an interactive community among University Postgraduate Researchers and connecting those students with external research and funding bodies.

Think Ahead Blog

Reflections from an internship in the Doctoral Academy

As we intently look outside the window for signs of an actual summer, the academic year as we know it is coming to another close. Everywhere around the University Sheffield […]


My Experience of Attending English Language DDP Courses

I am an International student who recently attended Thesis Writing and Speaking Skills courses simultaneously.

Soon after earning my Master’s degree in December 2001 I started teaching to the undergraduate […]


Publishing during the PhD

“Publish or perish” is a mantra that people in academia often hear. It reflects the general culture and attitude of working in research that one needs to be constantly writing […]


Employers highlight, once again, the importance of communication and team-working skills

The Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry has just launched Bridging the skills gap in the biopharmaceutical industry; maintaining the UK’s leading position in life sciences, which is an update […]


Are we Lazy Learners?

It got me thinking: would I have really been any different at their stage? Well, no, probably not. Am I occasionally guilty of relying on a higher positioned instructor to […]


Placements during your PhD

Katie Denby is a final year PhD student from the Department of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology. In this blog post, she discusses her experiences of doing a Professional Internships for […]


A PhD student’s perspective on what to do after PhD

Billy Bryan is a currently undertaking a PhD in Medical Education at the University of Sheffield. His research project aims to understand how a specialised feedback intervention in clinical skills […]


Blog: Placements during your PhD

Katie Denby is a final year PhD student from the Department of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology. In this blog post, she discusses her experiences of doing a Professional Internships for PhD […]


End of Year Reflections (By a Doctoral Academy Intern)

By: Sam Fox


As Kathleen and I come to the end of our time as Doctoral Academy Interns, as well as nearing completion of our respective PhDs, we thought it would […]


Getting the most from your PhD: Strategies for success

P ostgraduate research can be a challenging process, an on-going negotiation of individual research and your personal role in a larger academic community.  As your work progresses it is […]


Re-imagining the Gothic: a new look at interdisciplinary research and public engagement

 Last Saturday, May 9th, the University of Sheffield hosted academics and  members of the public for the “Re-imagining the Gothic” Symposium and  Showcasing event, conceived and organized by postgraduate researchers […]


An Internship with Sheffield City Council

By: Colin Whittle

An internship is something I would never have thought to do. As a 2nd year PhD student, my focus had very much narrowed to my little niche in […]


“That’s a whole lot of data!” – HPC Research

Ever wondered how many laptops you’d need to store the genetic sequencing of every human being alive today? No, me neither! But you’d need over 1 yotabite of data, and apparently that’s 10 to the power of 24 or 1 trillion laptops! Even more impressive is the fact that this kind of storage capacity is something that may be possible in the future to help with the advancement of medical treatments for example.



Are you keen to improve your understanding of Intellectual Property (or IP) to support your doctoral research?

As Copyright Officer I offer a lot of support via an enquiry service, web pages and a Copyright for Etheses training session, as part of the Doctoral Development Programme, to support students when preparing to write up their doctoral theses. However, copyright is just part of the Intellectual Property or IP rights that you may want to consider when researching for and preparing your thesis. Intellectual Property Rights include trademarks, patents and design as well as copyright. The Intellectual Property Office has recently launched a tutorial aimed at staff and students in education:



Carly Lynsdale: Insights into “3 Minute Thesis Competition”

By: Carly Lynsdale (The University of Sheffield’s “3 minute Thesis” winner and National Competition finalist)

 It’s  almost been a year since I first heard of 3 Minute Thesis Competition, which is a national competition in which postgraduates explain their PhD in under 3 minutes with only one static (no videos, animations or sounds) PowerPoint slide for company. For anyone that’s not previously entered or done something similar to 3MT, I want to stress this is a lot harder than it sounds.



Teaching Tips or Troubles: A Social Sciences PGR Forum event

By: Radmila Schelle

The Faculty of Social Sciences Post Graduate Research Forum would like to kindly invite you to our open space event ‘Teaching Tips or Troubles’ happening on Tuesday 24th February, 5-6:30pm at the ICOSS.



Welcome cross-sessional students!

The Doctoral Academy would like to welcome all cross-sessional students to the University community. The cross-sessional student induction event was on Friday, January 30th.  The event was well attended as students from across the disciplines came to start off their new academic careers.  Speakers included Professor Ian Douglas, the Director of the Doctoral Academy, and Doctoral Academy interns Sam Fox and Kathleen Hudson.  The speakers introduced the new students to life at the University and discussed some of the resources available to PGR students. […]


Being a Grantham Scholar? It’s all about community and communication

By: James Thackery (Grantham Scholar)

The team of researchers who have just begun their PhD studies with the Grantham Centre get a unique training programme. It teaches them the importance of interdisciplinary working and equips them with the skills to become policy advocates. In this post, Grantham Scholar James Thackery reflects on the process so far.



Sheffield Ignite Academy

 O n September 25th the University of Sheffield hosted, as part of the Festival of the Mind, Sheffield Ignite Academy. This educational evening featured a series of entertaining and informative power point performances and presentations showcasing research at the University.